We can help you gain control of your business through fractional project management, process development, organization, and business operation optimization. From developing processes to coaching project managers to setting up work-from-home environments to eliminating paper,  you will feel less overwhelmed, and more able to focus on your customers and employees.

What size business do we focus on?

We help small service-oriented businesses or divisions of smaller companies (typically 25 people or less) with their project management activities.  Often it is the CEO who contacts us because the business has moved to the point where it simply cannot continue to grow without some additional structure and streamlining.

What we can assist with:

We can perform the day-to-day project management activities, and develop or streamline processes to allow for more efficient work and improved project management. Often we work with the business owner or division head to use technology to allow the team to do what they do best, but in a more effective way. A little more structure and process allows our clients to repeat their successes, manage like they mean it, and get their lives back.


The results of this approach include:

  • No more feeling of being overwhelmed with the day to day tasks necessary to operate
  • Greater productivity & increased profit
  • Streamlined workflow
  • Decreased employee stress and less employee turnover 

Our clients sleep better at night because they know they have a structured work environment where things aren’t falling through the cracks. They begin to run their business with systems and structure in place, allowing for growth. Most importantly, they own a business whose value is more than just a client list.  

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