Leaders need information they can trust.  That's why it is more cost-effective to engage a data scientist with knowledge, objectivity, and a proven survey platform.  

How we can help:

Through a partnership with CulSure, a leader in data-driven analytics, we have developed a number of proprietary micro surveys to help you gain insight.  

  • It is cost-effective—only $75/month, with no minimum purchase required—and rapidly deployable, with no software to install or configure.
  • The survey only takes 3-5 minutes and is anonymous, which encourages honest and insightful responses.
  • You get clear, precise, and actionable results about: current employee attitudes, safety concerns, and potential productivity issues.
  • You control the distribution to participants, keeping your company’s email addresses safe.
  • You can run the survey each month, with your whole company or with a subset of employees to see how your organization adapts over time. You can also switch to survey different topics—like employee satisfaction, resilience, turnover, employee engagement, or organizational change—for the same monthly price.

Ready to get started?  Visit and you'll be up and running in minutes.   

Need more information or want to discuss a custom survey option?  Let's schedule a discussion to see what we can build for your organization.